Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of insurance products does QLAdmin support?

The QLAdmin life insurance policy administration system was created to accommodate traditional and interest sensitive whole life and universal life insurance, term insurance, immediate and deferred annuities, health insurance and pre-arranged burial plans. Usual policy riders and supplemental benefits are also easily created and implemented.

​If your company offers individual or group health administration, QLAdmin will handle major medical, accident/cancer, and worksite products and the intricate claims processing involved. If your company will use the Reinsurance module, QLAdmin will handle all reinsurance administration and billing, from the treaty level down to the policy.

How many insurance policies can QLAdmin administer?

QLAdmin is an ideal insurance solution for the small to medium-sized insurance company, fraternal benefit society, mutual organization, or credit union. You can be confident that QLAdmin will handle your growing business. Our largest client maintains one million policies on the QLAdmin system.

​How long is the data conversion and implementation process?

While each company’s situation is unique, conversion to QLAdmin life insurance software can take as little as to six to nine months, depending on the complexity of your data files and current systems. This process includes the initial evaluation of your current data format, determining your policy processing and business needs, and confirming the changes and process improvements you seek.


After nearly 60 client data conversions, we’ve developed an efficient and accurate conversion and implementation process. We are experienced in data conversions from Genelco, USSI, LifePro, InsWare, PrideTech, ID3, CAPSIL, ACS, PSC, and homegrown legacy systems.


What type of software training is provided?

We recommend implementation and training packages based on the number of system users to be held both before and after the QLAdmin go-live date. Additional training sessions can be scheduled as requested.  QLAdmin has an integrated help program, and we provide ongoing email, phone and remote assistance support. Your staff will always have timely access to our tech support team and will get the assistance they need to succeed.

How often is the QLAdmin software updated?

QLAdmin tends to grow organically from suggestions and ideas submitted by our clients.  Each client benefits from shared industry best practices for policy processing and product management. our software updates are released quarterly with release notes and instructions for new enhancements. System updates are included with the monthly maintenance support fee.

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