Rudd and Wisdom goes international and acquires their first Canadian client.

QuikLife is re-architectured from DOS to MS Windows to become the QLAdmin policy administration system.

First Caribbean client is acquired.

Rudd and Wisdom Software celebrates its 25th anniversary.

1M policies are now administered on the QLAdmin policy administration system.

Rudd and Wisdom Software is founded by life actuary and principal Chris McCaul, FSA when he creates QuikLife. QuikLife is soon installed for the first client. 

The Reinsurance Claims module is released as a new tool to the QLAdmin system.

The Health Claims module is released as a new tool for the QLAdmin system. The QLAdmin client base experiences slow and steady growth over the past decade with one to two new clients per year.

In just three years, fifteen new companies join the QLAdmin family. Rudd and Wisdom Software plans for new strategic direction and growth.

First Central American Client is acquired. Five new companies join the QLAdmin family.

Agent and policyholder web portals are released as new tools for the QLAdmin system.

Rudd and Wisdom Software becomes QLAdmin Solutions, Inc., an independently owned corporation.


Chris McCaul becomes President and CEO. ​Kat Correa, MBA, FLMI is promoted to CMO. Greg Garza is promoted to Director of Development. Robert De Sarro is promoted to Director of Support.


The company headquarters is relocated to a new home office and a marketing campaign is launched to establish the new brand.

The Medicare Supplement Auto-adjudication module is released as a new tool for the QLAdmin policy administration system.

Strategic partnership with illustrate inc is established and publicly announced. 

Robert De Sarro is promoted to COO. Warren Hughes, MSM, is promoted to Director of Support.


QLAdmin Solutions celebrates 30 years and counting! Kicking off 2018 with two new clients starts the year-long celebration.


Stay tuned!

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